Thank you for visiting our blog. We write about Costa Rica in general, especially about Samara, the Nicoya peninsula and Guanacaste. We touch upon nature, wild life, flora, the ocean and it's magnificent creatures, culture and much more.

We love the sloths and the turtles so they may be over-represented in our blog posts :-) 

As the Nicoya peninsula is one of the five blue zones in the world, you can also expect posts on easy living, food and how to stay healthy and become a centenarian!


Nicoya peninsula, a blue zone

Blue Zones are regions of the world where Dan Buettner claims people live much longer than average. He identified five regions as "Blue Zones" : Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece); and among the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, California. He offers an explanation, based on data and first hand observations, for why these populations live healthier and longer lives than others. It all started with the identification of Sardinia's Nuoro province as the region with the highest concentration of male centenarians. Zeroing in on the cluster of villages with the highest longevity, concentric blue circles were drawn on the map and began referring to the area

79 Facts About Costa Rica Food, Attractions, Culture, Photos, Travelers and Expats

Article written by Bryan Haines If you're curious about Costa Rica, this post will help. In this huge guide, you'll learn 79 facts about Costa Rica, including food, attractions, political structure, population, cities, and much more. Thinking of visiting Costa Rica? Maybe retiring there? You'll need to get familiar with this lovely paradise before you go. We've put together 79 facts about Costa Rica to help introduce you to one of our favorite places in the world. These Costa Rica facts will get you started and hopefully help you have the best time you can while you're there. Basic Facts About Costa Rica 1. What is Costa Rica’s Official Name? Costa Rica is known to the international communit

Casa Tortuga is now Monos y Mar

Mid 2019 we took over Casa Tortuga from Claudette Matte. We used the low season to renovate all apartments. We upgrade the bathrooms, installed ACs in each bedroom, created extra bedrooms and an open outdoor kitchen. We create separate entrances for more privacy and changed up the color scheme. Last but not least we changed the name to some of the few things that we love about Samara: the howler monkeys and the sea so we named it Monos y Mar. We love to welcome you in the new and improved Monos y Mar for a comfortable stay only minutes from the beach - Lori & M-J Check out our apartments here