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This all-in-one studio apartment is located at the front of the middle floor and is at street level. It has everything you need for a short or long term stay and offers you all the privacy you need. The outside patio is covered with a natural green "wall" creating privacy and a sense of intimacy. 

In a nice and private setting you can enjoy Samara any way you want. You can hang out in the sun or shade (or AC) or visit the beach or many local places in only a few minutes walking distance.

The studio is an efficiency which as the bedroom, living and kitchen all in one. The queen bed offers all the comfort and rest you need. The kitchen has a fridge, two-burner electric stove top and a bunch of appliances like a coffeemaker and a blender.

The bathroom, is inside the studio, but is its own space and has a shower with warm water. As common in most of Costa Rica the plumbing is very delicate so do not flush any toilet paper or hygiene products. Please deposit those in the trashcan provided for this.

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